The truth about trusting in God.

I feel like I can do anything I want if I just put my mind to it and work hard. In fact I really believe that I can achieve anything if I’m determined enough. Besides, I have been given many opportunities and resources so there is nothing stopping me from being the best I can be in anything I do… Ok, so with all this determination and self confidence why I’m I not getting a first class in all my exams and assignments? Why I’m I scared to apply for my dream job? Why can’t I just tell people how I really feel about them? Why do I even care about what others think? The most annoying part of all this is I don’t understand why I can’t seem to answer all these questions and doubts I have about myself.
I have just finished an undergraduate degree in sociology and after 3 years I have come to realise that in this life, the only way I can maintain peace is by putting my entire trust in God. Did you notice how I didn’t say ‘the only way I can have piece’? It’s because I’ve always felt like I had peace. As a matter of fact I’ve always felt like I’m the most peaceful person I know because I get so much enjoyment from being calm. I’ve always thought that being calm was the definition of having peace.
The first time I got a 2:2 (that is between 55 and 58%) in an assignment, I realised that I didn’t have piece. I sat in my room and cried for like 30 minutes because I didn’t understand how a sociology geek like me could get such a low grade. I started having so many thoughts in my head like maybe sociology isn’t for me after all, maybe university it’s not really for me. As someone who believes in God, I really felt like he wasn’t being fair at all (it seemed like going to church and giving offering wasn’t enough to get him to favour me).
THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUSTING GOD is that you need to have piece whilst you put your entire trust in a man you cannot see. (Yes I can’t see God but I trust him with everything that I am). And do you know how I was able to start trusting in God? One day I just woke up (literally) and realised that I can study for hours and hours and read so many academic articles on sociology and still get whatever grade the lecturer decided to give me. Also I realised that I could go to church 7 days a week and God will still do what he has said he would do. I decided to trust in God because I didn’t really know what else to do. Besides, it was not just with my academics. It was like I had everything but I wasn’t enjoying my life the way I felt I should.
I made a decision to put my entire trust in God and suddenly I felt at piece (it was only then I realised that it wasn’t really my responsibility to fix everything in my life). Of course as a student I had a responsibility to study and do well; but I came to the realisation that hard work wasn’t doing it for me. Instead, putting my entire trust in God made me feel like I could do all that I needed to do through him. Philippians 4:13 says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. After reading this verse about a 1000times (literally over the course of my undergraduate degree), I  FINALLY understand what God has been telling me.

God tells me to trust him everyday and he does it in many different ways. For example; every time I read Deuteronomy 31: 6, he tells me that he will never leave me so I can trust him completely (I don’t think any guy can really give me that sort of assurance). Also, sometimes I wake up feeling so uncertain about life. When that happens I just whisper to myself that God has a plan for me and i just get on with my day.

I’ve made it sound like trusting in God is really simple.. The truth is it really is. I feel so much at ease now knowing that no matter what happens I’m going to be the best at whatever I do.

If you want to put your trust in God, I think the best place to start is to find him. Find out who he is and what he is about. Then ask him to help you trust him (because it’s not easy to put your trust in a man that you cannot see).

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