focus3Focus is something needed in every area of life. When you are focused, you know how much you are worth. When you are focused, you know what you are aiming at. Most of the time, when you are focused.. it is because you know what you want.
When you are focused, at the same time, doubt also wants a place in your life. So even though you are focused on your goal; doubt tells you that you are aiming too high. Doubt constantly tells you that you can’t do it because people like you don’t do things like that. Doubt tells you that success is actually for a certain type of people and unfortunately you do not fit the criteria.
One thing I have noticed is that doubt is going to be there all the time because it is the enemy’s way of making you think that you cannot actually do something you are created to do.

So the best thing to do is to give up.
Give up on doubt. Tell doubt that you realize whatever it says could be true because you may actually not fit the criteria. But you have to understand that doubt cannot change your destiny (well it can if you allow it to take control of your mind). The one who created you has said that even if you don’t fit man-made criteria; you are still qualified for success because you were born that way. Just give up on doubt (by not dwelling on your weakness and literally removing negativity from your life), trust God and work towards your purpose and be a success story.

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