School… school is a place. Actually school is a building. School is not synonymous to education. School is not equal to a good life (coming from someone who has spent the last 17 years in that building). School is just a building. In fact… school is just a place where people go to…like the market.

A school is a building where children are taken to grow and yet they end up coming out more lifeless. School is a place where adults teach children how to chase after things that they are too young to understand.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had so many experiences in that building; many good and bad ones. Nonetheless, I still find myself thinking that it’s a place where children maybe should not spend most of their 24 hours.
I mean we are told education is the key to success and the school building is where that success begins. Yet, school boys and girls are constantly caught in the battle of lost identities. School boys and girls are unsure if being a pupil is the same as being an active participant in their societies.
I spent most of my primary school days following the loud children in order to not feel so alone and get caught up in my own uncertainties. At the age of 8, I noticed the school building was a place where I had to be loud or go home crying.
In high school, I realized my true identity in the school building because other school boys and girls did not approve. But by that time, there was nothing I could do about being black or tall or female or African. So, I ended up battling with my own identity whilst trying to live the life of a good studious high school girl for my parents.
The thing is, school is actually a building where if you are warned about it before you enter… well it will not be any different because not every boy or girl will come there with the same mindset as you.
However, the school building is a place where boys and girls from different homes come to make homes for themselves within themselves.
It’s not too bad for a building put together by adults who are indirectly battling with uncertain identities.

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