I am

It is true what the bible say about YOU being the I AM because God you have done things that is humanly impossible- you have loved me endlessly, you have forgiven me my sins, you have blessed me with the privilege to be yours. You are the I AM because you were the only one there when no other person could make the time to listen to why I didn’t like the colour of my skin.

You listened and you revealed to me that the I AM has made me in his image and that makes me perfect in every way. God.. you are the I AM because without you I AM not. You are the I AM God because unlike the other men, you are not after my flesh.. you are after my heart because we all know that the flesh is just the cover.

Daddy dearest, you are the I AM because you knew my destiny even before my mum realised that this child was not planned. You are the I AM my father because I have been in your plans since you created time. GOD YOU are the I AM because when you created man.. you made it a necessity to create me as a woman. You knew me from the beginning. You had it all planned out from the day my mum had her first morning sickness.

You are the I AM and therefore I am.


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Hello, my name is Anabel and I am 23 years old. I love introducing myself to people (especially because I love telling people my name). I love God and I love talking about women, Africa and education and food. This blog is about everything though so yeah.

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