She said she is a FEMINIST.


OK, so I said I would be continuing with this feminism antics.. so here I am with another post on feminism and being an African feminist.

I want to address two stereotypes that me as an African feminist I have come across. Being African and being a feminist to a lot of people is like being Ghanaian and saying something barbaric like your favorite jollof is Nigerian or Cameroonian jollof. it is just weird. But it doesn’t have to be.. I mean it is definitely crazy to say things like Nigerian jollof is your favorite… but being an African woman and being a feminist is not crazy.

Below are two questions I often get asked when I tell people I am a feminist.

“wait… so do you hate men?”

NO NO NO NO! like seriously NO. I do not hate men. Honestly, I do not hate men. I cannot speak for every woman or feminist but I do not think that other feminists hate men or that is their ultimate aim. As an African feminist, I see myself as being in partnership with African men and I want equality for them as well as myself. I think the assumption of feminists hating men comes from the clear fact that feminists advocate for the equal opportunities for women just like men. However, when a feminist say she wants women to get equal pay like men or she does not agree with women being treated like second class citizens in society.. that does not mean she hates the male species. I want all these things for women because I see the humanity aspect of women just like i do with men.

Of course, it has been very difficult for the feminist movement to get their views across so it seems like everything that they say or want for women will be at the loss of men.. but no that is not the case. As a woman, I do not want to feel or even believe that my sex organ will be the reason why I do not get to be the CEO of a tech firm or not being able to drive a lorry (i hate lorries by the way). I want to be able to apply for a job alongside a man and the person who is most qualified for the job should get it.. that’s it! The man should not get the job because this is typically a man’s job or i should not get the job because only women are known to do jobs like that.

I am a feminist and I like men.. they are OK. You know what some are more than OK just like us women.

“so if you want women to be treated like men.. will it be OK for me to hit you back when you hit me?”

Firstly, any man or woman who thinks that equality among the sexes mean people should get the go ahead in physically and domestically abusing people should be checked.. like all the checks: mental physical and spiritual.

As a feminist, I do not want to physically abuse a man and get away with it.. and I certainly do not want a man to hit me and go free. when a guy thinks that it is ok to hit a woman because she is female and that equates to her being weak then it is wrong. See as a feminist, that is my main issue- the motives behind the way women are treated in society. I do not think because I am a woman, that should be the reason  why I do not get access to certain things or I am not able to do some jobs and so on.

The reality however is that, we do live in a world where women are treated the way they are treated because they are women. so as an African feminist, I have made it my job to consciously correct myself and others around me to see womanity not as a synonym to weakness but as an equivalent to HUMANITY.

The thing is I know men and women are different.. we have clear biological differences. But let me tell you one thing.. God did not intend for those biological variances to be used negatively against men or women. He really didn’t. I asked God once and he said he did not so anybody who says otherwise is a liar.


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