Be faithful to your vision.


OK so I went to church on Sunday and it was Pensions week at my church so a retired Apostle came to preach about retirement and pension. First of all, i was so happy that my church which is filled with lots of young university students were given the privilege to hear about retirement and planning for the future from an actual pensioner.

I wrote so many things down on Sunday because everything the man said was so interesting in terms of planning for the future.

HOWEVER!! wait for it……..

He said one thing that made me think so much for the rest of my Sunday.

The retired Apostle said and I quote “young people be faithful to your vision!” At first, when he said it I wrote it down straight away because I thought mmm how does faithfulness come to play in my vision and goals? Literally when i got home and i finished eating I just kept thinking about that sentence.

One thing that I have come to terms with since Sunday is that I really have to be faithful to the goals and visions and purposes that are planted in me. The word faithful has words like consistency, steadfastness and loyalty attached to it. As a matter of fact, to be faithful means to be loyal to something or someone.

So.. to be faithful to my vision means to remain loyal and consistent to my purpose and goals and everything else that I have been brought into this life to do.

So right now, my question to you is… are you faithful to your vision? Or let me ask you this.. have you been loyal to all the things you want to achieve?

The thing is, sometimes it is so easy to make so many excuses or to come up with lots of issues that we see as hindrances to us achieving our goals and fulfilling our purposes. But one thing is that when you are not loyal and consistent to your goals.. you become a major hindrance to achieving your goals and visions.

Please do not become the reason why you do not get to do what you are called to do on this earth. I highly suggest you start committing to your goals and dreams. And no please do not find another excuse to say why you can’t focus and be faithful to what you believe it is that you need to do in this life.

So here.. these are a few I guess rough guidelines that I am trying to go by to ensure that I am staying faithful to my vision:

  1. I am always asking myself if what I want to achieve is going to be effective and bring about change.
  2. I am constantly trying to find diverse ways to understand my goals and to see each one of them as doable because I believe that God will not give me gifts and talents I cant make use off.
  3. I am always.. ALWAYS encouraging myself to stay motivated to fulfill my purpose and achieve my goals because I want to leave a footprint on this earth. I don’t care how it sounds.. I want to leave a mark and I want to be part of the change I want to see on this earth.

So after writing all this.. the point I am trying to make is that, be loyal to your goals and your visions and purposes and just everything you want to do in this life. Be consistent. BE FAITHFUL TO YOURSELF.


4 thoughts on “Be faithful to your vision.

  1. Bless you for sharing your insights AnabelAfia. Its a wonderful piece and I’ll say keep writing because people like me love reading your articles.
    Its crucial we become loyal to our dreams as young men and women inorder for us be fulffilled at our time of Pension. May God bless the Man of God who also delivered the message.

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