God loves FEMINISTS.

christianity and feminism
image credit: Huffington Post

OK.. so before I start being a feminist in this post, lemme just lay down the truth for you all.

I am a christian .i.e. I am a child of God and I love Jesus and I pray every time about everything and my ultimatum is to be able to spend eternal life in heaven with Jesus and God and all the angels. So I am a woman with a super crazy faith in God like mama Gifty Anti would say.

However, being a Christian does not make me blind to social issues. YAAAS! I said it and I’m gonna say it again for the people at the back… Being a woman of God does not make me blind and deaf to social issues.

As a Christian, I am always asking God what my role is in this world because I am clearly put here for a purpose. One of the main reasons why I am a christian and a feminist is because God tells me everyday that I am destined to be great.

So then I’m like but God if I was born to be great… how come I live in a world where my skin colour and my vagina are seen as characteristics of failure?. I literally asked God that question once. From that day, I knew that God had granted me the opportunity to do something about society’s lack of knowledge on women and our God ordained positions in the world.

So yeah, I am a feminist not because I hate men or whatever some people think feminism is about. Firstly, I am privileged to be a child of God and be given the voice to speak up when things are not right. And also as a woman, I don’t think being able to have babies should automatically turn me into a breeding machine who cannot work and get equal pay  to men.

It may sound strange but I pray everyday to God about being a feminist and how I don’t want to be angry about society’s mediocrity; but to make me more and more knowledgeable and approachable to everyone because I stand for equality for all.

At the same time, I ask God for motivation and determination each day to be a great woman by loving other women and accepting their differences, as well as helping them to acknowledge that their womanity is actually synonymous to greatness regardless of what anybody has to say.

Before I finish this post, I am going to say it one more time- I am a christian who is a feminist, who loves men and believe women are great in everything like men.

Now let us take it to church and start taking the tithes and offering from the back!!

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