Being at peace


When I hear people say “I’m at peace with it/him/her/them/myself”, I often wonder what they mean by that because the word peace literally means the absence of disturbance or war. So if there is no war, there is peace. When there are no disturbances, there is peace.

So then to come to the conclusion of being at peace, there must have been some sort of disturbances or war that was ruining your state of tranquility. But then, I also think that there is this idea of being at peace where no matter the situation, you are still OK within yourself and you are okay with life.

Because, let us all be honest, sometimes life just takes us by surprise when crazy things happen and you don’t even understand why. Let me try and give you an example…

So recently, I realized that I was going out of my way to do things for people even though I was not OK with the things I was doing. I realized that I was not OK at all because my state of tranquility (being at peace) was really unstable. So like one day I will be very happy that I’m doing things for people; and then the following day, I will be so upset that I’m doing so much for people but they don’t seem to notice or care.

In order to restore my peace, I decided to pray about how I was feeling (oh and FYI, I PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING). After praying, I just continued to get on with my day… and then… AND THEN… I had a URIKA moment! I mean it wasn’t that extravagant but I remember just becoming so conscious all of a sudden about my life and the kind of peace I have.

SO… wait for it….

I have the peace of God in my heart. The bible says that the peace of God surpasses all human understanding. Therefore, it is not understandable in our normal human minds. But I know that the peace of God is the best purely based on the fact that it is everlasting; and thus it doesn’t really go away when crazy things happen in life.

Another thing about the peace of God is that, it is present even in times of joy. To have peace when you are joyful is very cool. For instance, when I’m so delighted about something, I just thank God so much for his peace that He has given me because I don’t sit there thinking if I’m not not happy about this thing tomorrow, I will not be at peace.

Rather, I thank God that I am content and I have so much peace with where I am in my life now and I have peace about where I am going in the future.

I think you should try and assess the peace you have; is it temporary? Do you only have peace when everything is okay in your life? Is your peace stable? Are you at peace with the stage you are in life?




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