My favorite place…

A quick disclaimer: I love talking. Specifically, I love talking about things I know a lot about. As well, I love telling people about myself- like a lot. When I was young, I used to love writing about myself- which is something a lot of people who went to primary school in Ghana had to do. So in this post, I am going to gladly tell you about my favourite place in the entire world.

Well, I have two favorite places to be in the whole world. However, my favourite place to be the most is at an airport. I love going to airports, The first time I went to an airport was when I was moving to England from Ghana.

The main airport in Ghana is KIA (Kotoka International Airport). I remember feeling so overwhelmed and very sad because within the next 6 hours (the time it takes form Accra to Heathrow airport), my life was going to change so much. I’m sure I will write about that experience another time.

Nonetheless, The second time I went to an airport was 3 years later and I went to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Schiphol airport is my favorite place in the entire world (aside from Ghana, which is home so it doesn’t really count). I get so excited when the KLM flight lands there and the Dutch air stewards start to talk in English with their beautiful accents. I literally feel like I am home there (like lliterally).

So here are 3 things that make Schiphol airport my favorite place.

The places within the spaces

Schiphol airport is SOO big! And it is so funny because almost everytime I have been there to catch a connecting flight, there is some sort of engineering and expansion works taking place. The entire airport is like a little village. Without even considering the runaways for the airplanes to land, the inside of the airport is massive. The first time I flew there I was 16 and travelling alone so I was accompanied by a guide the whole time (something my dad paid for in order to secure my safety).

However, on my seocnd visit, I went crazy… I had like 3 hours before my next flight and I walked around the airport with the biggest smile on my face. I remember clearly that I visited a lot of their duty free shops (and they have a lot) with so much excitement even though I only bought like one chocolate bar for around 5 euros. Still, I was just amazed at the various places within the spaces of the airport.

One people, different colours

Another factor that makes Schiphol airport my favorite place in the world is the people that use the airport. Every single time I go there, I see so many different people. I remmeber the first time I was at Schiphol airport, I saw two children in the unaccompanied minor lounge from Namibia. They were dressed in bright coloured clothes and looked so curious and amazed just like I was. I recall being so happy seeing the children and the various other people from all over the world that it felt like I was at a world summit meeting.

As well, travellers and the satff at Schiphol airport always look so relaxed and I believe it is mainly because of the relaxed airport vibe Schiphol has got going on.

Final destination

My 3rd favorite thing about Schiphol airport is the fact that it is the airport in the middle. Schiphol airport is the middle man of flying because most of their flights are connecting flights. A lot of travellers go to Schiphol to change for another flight to their final destination.

From my personal experience, Schiphol is the best airport to catch a connecting flight because it feels like I am just getting off the plane to rest and have lunch or dinner there. Additionally, security is so tight at Schiphol that I feel really safe walking around relaxing whilst waiting for my connecting flight to my final destination.

I am yet to find another airport as fancy, relaxing and welcoming as Schiphol airport. Come to think of it… Birmingham airport is quite cool but… but I’ll save that one for later.

So in it all, my favorite place is Schiphol airport. Schiphol wins, I win. Now let us all go back to living our fulfilling lifestyles.

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