Why am I still a feminist in 2018?

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The answer to this is that- I will never stop being a feminist because I get the privilege to stand for equality, I get the opportunity to call out men and women out on direct and indirect acts of discrimination and inequality. As well, as a feminist in this era where people blindly think that women are now equal to men so we don’t need all this talk on feminism, I get to write and tell people no.

Let me tell you something, the difference between the positions of women now compared to that of 1926 is that- now there are laws that actually says you can’t fire a woman from a job because she is pregnant. And the heart breaking part about this is that these laws are mainly in the so-called developed parts of the world where most of the female population are educated. I mean I don’t think it’s all rosy in Europe and the land of the free (that’s the undeserved nickname of the USA) because direct and indirect inequalities are still skyrocketing in lots of institutions there.

Today alone, I have read 3 articles published online on sexual harassment and abuse against women; and remember, these are the ones that are reported. So imagine all the abuse some women will face today by men in their lives and men they do not know all because they are women and you and I will never hear anything about it.

Now I tell you again, I will never stop being a feminist because we are in 2018 and some men still think the best way to get a woman to listen to him is by getting in her face and shouting at her and telling her he will beat her and get away with it.

A few days ago,  I almost cried when I saw a video of a man who got in the face of Lydia Forson (Ghanaian actress) and threatened to beat her because she was gathering evidence of the sexist nature of the man in question.

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Lydia Forson- Ghanaian actress photo credit: google images

Let me just pause here for a second and tell you how technology has somehow helped women- Lydia knew straight away that to be able to take this incident to the authorities, or even tell her fans on social media about it- she would need proof because of course nobody would believe a woman telling them that a man physically, verbally or emotionally abused her without proof! Having a phone allowed Lydia to show what had happened to her.

Secondly, technology through social media has given women multiple platforms to share their stories and call out on any form of abuse against them.

Thirdly, technology from a personal point of view has given women more confidence to be women because nowadays, there are lots of women behind their phones and laptops ready to rain on your parade if you ever get it twisted on your dealings with the female population. I love technology for all these reasons.

Now back to me forever being a feminist- most women in 2018 are still encountering abuse and discrimination in all areas of life. What some people don’t seem to understand is that, if the reason for a human being suffering any pain whether it be physical or not is due to their biological sex then as a society we are not developed and we are on the verge of failure. I say we are on the verge of failure because despite all the bad things in this world… God has still blessed us with meat pies, bofrot, waakye (amazing Ghanaian dishes), Shea butter and green tea so we haven’t completely failed as a human race.

And just a quick reminder for anyone who has forgotten or does not know at all… the development of girls and women in all areas of social life is a key factor to national development in every country according to the UN and other developmental studies academics. So I don’t care how high up on the list of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries your nation finds itself; if women and girls are still suffering from gender inequalities in that country then it is not developed.

I can just keep writing because we are only 25 days into 2018 but a day has not gone by where I have not read about a woman being subjected to some form of abuse or discrimination just because she is a woman.

In a few years’ time, I am going to bring children into this world and I am going to have to help my sons and daughters understand how this world has been trying to put women like their mother in a box to fit some silly socially constructed ideas about gender. After I do that, I will spend the rest of my life with the help of God to bring my children up to be great men and women… then we will just have generations of great men and women. Oh how I cannot wait.


A few stories in the past few days about girls and women being abused around the world

A 7 year old girl raped and killed in Pakistan:

Murder, rape of 7-year-old Pakistan girl sparks protests around country


New mothers in Kenya allegedly being raped in hospitals: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-42746179


A group of women gets groped in Dorchester hotel in London at a ‘fancy’ charity event:




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