Chapter 24.

Okay so in a few days I’ll be turning 24. Yes. Yes 24. I’m so close to 30 I feel like it’s sitting right beside me. Shout out to those who are between the ages of 25-29. Life has not been easy.

I just literally finished praying by asking God to inspire me to write something to glorify him and now I’m writing this.

The thing is I am just short of words because when I think about all that God has done in my life for the past 23 years.. I just never seem to understand why.

God has done so much for me that I know for a fact that He is God.

Above all the uncountable things God has done- there is one thing he did for me that I will NEVER ever forget it for the rest of my life here on earth and in heaven.

What is this thing God did? Answer: God saved my life. He saved my life by allowing me to come to the saving knowledge of his son Jesus Christ. The most incredible part about me being saved is that I will always remember when and why and how.  God is so merciful. If you are a Christian you will understand what I am saying because God’s goodness is out of this world.

Let me let you in on a little secret: the day I got saved.. I was dealing with high levels of insecurity and I was just living in a state of constant confusion. But one thing about me is that I was always able to put on a front and pretend that I am strong and I have it all figured out. Meanwhile I was literally wasting away inside and wishing someone would genuinely ask me what’s wrong and I could pour out everything to them and not feel like the worst sinner in the world.

The day I got saved.. a very good friend of mine invited me to a youth service I very much did not want to attend but she kept asking because God was calling me. During the youth service, The pastor said “if people do not like you because of your red headband why do you care? You are a child of God.” I was shocked because I was the only one wearing a red headband in the whole auditorium (I know this because nobody at my church would put a red bandana on their big Afro looking like a black panther member ready to fight for her human rights).

God spoke to me that day so clearly and He just said to me “come as you are” so when they did the alter call I went and rededicated my life to Christ. I rededicated  my life because I knew of God. I just wasn’t ready to be loved by him.  I didn’t instantly become perfect the day I gave my life to Christ.

Do you know what happened though?

I became a new creation and God started his perfect work in me.

In him I am made whole. In him I am made new. In him I live to listen, trust and obey because there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to listen, trust and obey.


My prayer for chapter 24 of my life:

God thank you for not given up on me. Thank you for choosing me in this generation to live for you. Thank you that I have your spirit living in me and I am no longer a salve to sin and fear.

Thank you God that each and every day new temptations appear but I have overcome because all the victory belongs to you. Thank you for this new age and how you are going to use it to bring glory to your name!

I love you.

Your precious daughter of Zion (DoZ)

Anabel Afia Acheampong.



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