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A group of youth had just closed from a half-night meeting at church and had to wait for daybreak in order to catch a bus home. This was because the way was very dark and there had been rumours of a large cat (tiger or lion not sure) killing some of the villagers at night.

Sometimes, merchants coming from the city pass through their village that late to meet the early morning market rush hour before moving to the next village. The way to their home (main village) was about 20 minutes’ walk from where they were waiting for the bus. As they stood  there waiting hopefully for merchant vehicle, else town bus at daybreak, they discussed on the recent killings and other stuffs going on in their village.

Not long, six of the youth members (a mixture of both males and females) decided to walk “home” in order to catch some good long sleep before handling their morning chores in their respective homes. The others who opted to wait for the town bus raised objections but the six apparently had some good plans in mind; “when the lion is coming, the best thing is to show your torchlights directly to their face then it will flee.” Remember, these youngsters had just closed from church, so they were full of faith. Others also suggested that they will rather draw the lion out of its hiding place and frighten it. By doing so, the lion will run further from them, and that move will even prevent any surprise attack from the lion.

These youngsters started walking and were not even halfway through when they heard growling noises from a distance. Not knowing the exact source of that growling noise, they decided to put their plans into action. They made noise and started flashing their torches with the intention of frightening the lion. Unknowingly to them, the lion hadn’t had any prey for quite some time, so they were its only hope. Despite all the noise and light flashes, it advanced on the group of youngsters and concentrated on one of the ladies and grabbed her with its mighty teeth. Stones were hurled in the direction of the lion yet, it didn’t let go until its prey was weak to fight and she gave up.

Fellow reader…. this is how temptation works. The Bible says that we’re drawn into temptation out of our own lust (James 1:14). We say to ourselves that we’re equipped to withstand temptations of lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, pride of life so we move in the direction of destruction to test our faith. Yes, some temptations are so obvious that it’s easy to avoid. Others are also easy to detect yet we still fall. What about the ones which come in disguise? How do we stand?

1 Peter 5:8 also stresses on we being sober and vigilant because the devil prowls around searching for people to devour. The devil will forever be an enemy to Christians. He won’t stop prowling around us until we’re his. God’s protection is always on us yet we’re given that freewill to think, act, move. Your freewill should be guided with wisdom not to leave the sustenance and protection of the Almighty. Ecclesiastes 10:8 also buttresses that whoever breaks a hedge will be bitten by a snake. When we Christians break that hedge of God’s protection around us in search of worldly pleasures, we will be bitten by a snake.

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