Walking, running, swimming, running, jumping in a back of a lorry.

Sometimes I think I either zone out, pretend or just forget that there are 100s of people everyday fleeing their home countries to other countries just to seek a better life. Everyday I get up I pray then I get ready to go to work and I just get on with my life. Nothing really bothers me. I sometimes follow Brexit but it’s so boring now that I even forget that the UK is meant to be leaving the EU soon.

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Whilst I get on with my undisrupted life everyday… Women children, babies, men, young men, young women, run, walk, swim, jump in the back of lorries… And for days they travel to get to Europe. Why do they do this? Why do they leave their families and friends and go through this horrific journey to get to Europe? Why? While I ask myself these questions… I know perfectly well that no answer I give will be good enough. No answer an immigration officer gives will be enough. No answer any home secretary give will be enough. No answer any prime minister or president give will be enough. Because until any of us have any reason to flee threats, danger, famine, poverty, or abuse… we will never be able to answer why people make this mentally scaring journey to Europe.

I sat in a room where a young man was being assessed after spending days travelling by foot, sea, car to get to Europe. Aside from the physical injuries obtained through his various means of travel, he was talking about how he felt throughout his journey to Europe. For instance, he mentioned that he would often get hungry, really hungry and tired from walking so much.

Image credit: google images

As I sat in the room with the young man reliving his journey to Europe, the only thing I kept imagining was the sacrifice he has made and how that is going to reshape the rest of his life. Whether he gets the opportunity to remain in the UK or not, his life will drastically change. For sometime, I felt sad because I didn’t want to imagine how he would feel if he does not get the chance to stay in the UK where he believes he will be safe.
Another thing that came to mind as I was listening to this young man, was how I often take my security for granted. I don’t wake up any day feeling like a group of people are going to come to my door and abduct me because of my religious or political views. Yet, on a daily basis, people are going through this.

My heart was happy though because this young man was so happy as he was being cared for due to the journey he had embarked on.
There is one thing I need to do more of and that is to pray for people who are always having to flee from their home countries in order LIVE. God is with you all. God has seen everything. God is not asleep.

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