Time at uni.

Me at my graduation.

Going to university will always be one of the best decisions I ever made! Spending 3 whole years learning about a course I loved so much and having the opportunity to gain more knowledge on it was definitely a win for me.

But… I know I could have used my time at university wisely. I could have used more of my time to do things that would have bettered my life and the lives of others. As a matter of fact.. I could have done a whole of lot of things differently whilst I was at university had I known just a little bit better. I was praying on my way to work the other day and i felt the need to write this article to encourage my brothers and sisters starting uni this year on how to make full use of their time.

3 years or however long your course is sounds like a very long time but it is not. I repeat, it is not! Therefore, if you do not make use of the time you have, the years will just run away so quick and by the time you realise it would have been too late. I sat down and thought of some of the things I wish I had done when I was at uni and I am going to be sharing some with you through this article.

Take your course seriously

Yes I have already said I loved the course I studied at uni. However, that love did not stop me from missing some important lectures here and there. Loving the course was not enough to encourage me to study as much as I needed to.

Eventually, I realised that i had to intentionally make time to study and actually attend all my lectures and seminars. Please take this seriously: ATTEND YOUR LECTURES AND SEMINARS! Going to lectures and seminars form a huge part of our university experience and they are actually the main reasons why you will be living in a student accommodation near your university. Otherwise you might as well be a distance learning student if you do not want to be attending lectures and seminars.

Independent study

Additionally, independent study should become your best friend. The thing is, making time to read about a topic or do an extensive research on it can literally be the difference between a 1st and 2nd class grade. Making time to go over your lecture notes and going through your reading list should be a priority.

Maybe your course does not involve much reading. Maybe in your course, you need to be able to remember formulas and how to do some calculations. Make time to go over those calculations and formulas. MAKE TIME! That means you have to consciously set time aside and decide to do it.

Ask your lecturers for help

Equally, ask your lecturers, tutors, supervisors for help when you need it. I really feel like students at uni do not make use of their lecturers enough. As a student, you are the reason why the lecturer is there to teach. Imagine, if no one turns up to the lectures, the lecturers will have no students to teach and thus they may likely not have much to do aside from their own research.

In the same way, if the lecturer has allocated support hours and you need extra support- GO FOR IT! Don’t be scared or feel shy or feel any type of way. If you do not understand something concerning your course, speak to any of your lecturers and tutors.

During my time at uni, I realised that myself and some of my course mates felt a bit shy to ask the lecturers for help because we didn’t want to bother them. But just think about it for a moment, you pay £9000 or more (International students pay so much more) a year to receive quality education and your lecturers play a huge part in that.

Likewise, these lecturers are the best people to go to for help because they are the ones teaching the modules and therefore they are in the best position to tell you what they expect of students.

Make an impact

Lastly, whilst you are at uni, do something that will have a positive effect on yourself and those around you. My time at university will always be very memorable to me because I grew so much as individual. For example, I got the opportunity to be a part of various research projects. Also, I was able to do some voluntary work which was good for my CV; as well as giving back to the community. Similarly, I got the chance to broaden my knowledge on topics which were already areas of interest for me.

Above all, I got to know God at uni and that was the icing on the cake for me. I know I could not have made it through uni without God because he surrounded me with the right people through church and PENSA ( a Christian society at almost every university in the UK).

If you get the privilege to read this and you are at uni, I really hope that you enjoy your time there by making good use of every minute you have! Organise yourself well and put in the effort and you will see the results. Also, remember to make time to rest- it is very important. Above all, knowing God just makes the whole university journey so much more enjoyable!

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