God is here. He has seen it. He will do it.

With everything that is going on around the world now, it is very easy to question God. On several occasions I have asked myself: “God why? I know you can get rid of this virus and let everything go back to normal so why don’t you do it?”

Before you even go there, no OK? .. No I am not losing faith in God. However, sometimes I would sit there and just think to myself- God.. I don’t really know if I should continue praying for you to heal our land or I should just be there and see how things would turn out.

Honestly there have been days where I do not feel like praying about the state of the world right now. I think about the lives being lost and how no one can do anything about it and I just become so numb that I don’t even know what to say or do.

Through it all, I have to say that God has been so merciful to me. God has shown me so much compassion to the extent that He answered the question I was asking him through His word.
In my interactions with God through His word during this time- I have come to understand the sovereignty of God.

God is sovereign! Wow I cannot believe that I am saying this with so much clarity in my mind and heart. OK, lemme try and explain myself. God is God. He is the creator of the entire universe. God can do and undo. Let me just say it one more time… God can do and undo anything according to His will, power, and word. 

The general definition of the word sovereign is to have supreme power and authority. Yes, God has total authority over everything in this world because He made it. If God has allowed the world to be going through what it is going through now, then as absurd as it may sound… He knows what He is doing.

God is God all by himself and He does not need to consult anyone or anything about His decisions. The essence of His sovereignty is the fact that He has the power to make things happen and He also has the power to make things better or worse if He sees fit.

I asked myself this a few days ago: “God you must have known that this would be happening and that the world would not be able to solve it.” God being in the know of the current state of the world tells me that He also knows how it will end. This is where my assurance is… The fact that God knows how it will all end! This gives me so much peace knowing that God knows right before it all started how it was going to end.

Before, I would pray and ask God to let everything go back to normal soon because my life and the lives of others have been disrupted and we are not used to it. I still pray for God to heal our land and protect all of us daily. I read psalm 91 almost every day as part of my prayers. Nonetheless, right now, I am waiting for God to decide when it will all end. I am waiting for Him to do it because He has all power and authority.

It’s okay if things have been difficult for you during these times. It’s okay if it has been difficult for you to go to God about it all. It’s okay if you are having confusing moments. It’s okay if you just don’t get it all. It’s okay.

Can I suggest something to you? Tell God about it anyway. Just say it however you want to say it to Him. He will listen. Whether we tell God how we are feeling or not, He is still a sovereign God. Thus, it is better to tell Him knowing that He is the only one who will decide how this all ends.

Please stay safe, continue to pray and speak to God daily. I pray that God will strengthen you and keep you through these times so that in the end we will honour Him for everything He has done. But even if He does not do what we want or how we want it, we will still honour Him because He is God.

God is here and He has seen it and He will do it.

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