This whole feelings thing.

There has been plenty of times when I have thought of giving up on a lot of things I am doing. Most of the time when I am tired or when things are not going the way I thought they would, I feel like giving up. I am not sure if you ever feel that way too?

I ask this because I know a lot of people who often feel like giving up and some do; and others pull themselves up and carry on. Most of the time too, people will have diverse reasons for giving up and not physically or mentally having the strength to carry on. Others will also have their various reasons for picking themselves back up and getting on with life.

During last year, there was one particular sunday where I felt very tired. I felt physically tired and I could tell that my body wanted to do something else excluding getting out of bed and prepare myself for church service.

I feel like I was mentally tired but I still wanted my mind to be active and tell it what to do and think. I was emotionally tired but I wanted to feel a different way compared to the state I had found myself in and I couldn’t.

The funny thing is, even though I was so tired in all those areas, there was still something pushing me to get up from my bed and get ready for church. It felt like it wasn’t really me getting myself out of bed but it was as if someone else had woken me up and making every move for me.

Like I said earlier, I was physically tired and I could feel pain in my body and that was also having an effect on my emotions. But the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the edge of my bed thanking God for waking me up and asking him to strengthen me to get on with the day and He did exactly that.

Two hours later, I was in the car going to church feeling very excited to have the privilege to be alive. Later on in the day, I took some time to reflect on myself and I realised that my feelings can easily fail me. Yes. I came to the conclusion that if I always rely on how I feel alone, I will not get very far in life.

During my time of self-reflection, I also understood that the Holy Spirit is so precious because I know for a fact that He got me through that moment of ‘being all up in my feelings.’ The thing is, you and I, we can feel. We can have all these feelings but may we not make our decisions solely based on them.

Me- after church on that day.
Thank God I didn’t listen to my feelings or I would have missed out on rocking this look.

I say this because this whole feelings thing can have you doing something you know very well that it’s wrong, yet because you feel like it, you end up doing it. One tip I would suggest to you when it comes to this feelings thing is for you to be clear on what the truth is.

That day, I knew I had to go to church, not just because I didn’t want to explain to the aunties at church why I didn’t come, but mainly due to me knowing the essence of going to church. When you know what the truth(the word of God) is, your feelings cannot make you a subject to confusion and self pity.

You can feel. You have the right to feel. You owe it to yourself to tell your feelings the truth.

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