Favoured one

How do you understand the favour of God?

Recently I was reading the story of when the angel visited Mary and told her that she was going to give birth to Jesus. This story is in Luke 1: 26 onwards. I’ll admit, this story is now in my top 5 bible stories. When I was reading it, I kept asking myself “what does it mean to be favoured?”

I have been praying to God for more understanding on this and thus I am here to share what I have learnt so far. Okay so let’s start with the actual bible text that got me hanged on favour:
Gabriel appeared to her and said, “Greetings, favoured woman! The Lord is with you! ”(Luke 1:28 NLT) .

So the angel referred to Mary as a favoured woman.. Hmm wait there, let’s look up the word favour in the dictionary:
1. approval, support, or liking for someone or something.
2. an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.
(Cambridge Dictionary)

In the context of the above story, favoured could mean that Mary was approved and chosen by God to carry Jesus in her womb. Additionally, it can also mean that she was shown an act of kindness (I’m sure Joseph probably didn’t see it as kind at first) which she did not deserve.
As I was pondering over these… I started to think about the favour of God in my own life.

You see the favour of God is so amazing in the sense that even when you and I we do not qualify, God makes the ones with the most ability… Okay, lemme explain more. Imagine you are in a school or a work place and an opportunity has come for someone to be appointed to go and hang out with Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister) for the day. In order for someone to be chosen, you are told that there are some eligibility criteria to meet. You check the list and you do not qualify because you do not meet the criteria.

The favour of God is where even though you do not meet the criteria, you get CHOSEN to go and meet with Boris Johnson because your ways are pleasing to the Lord. You get chosen because God is faithful and He loves his children. You get chosen because the favour of God is upon his children. You get chosen because God is God and he does what is right at all times.

This is how I see it: when you are living to please God and you are obedient to His word, it will never surprise me that he will bless you with his favour.

The favour of God is upon you sis. Keep looking up to Jesus and invite him to come and live in every area of your life.

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