Rape as a weapon of war.

Last month whiles watching the news, I stumbled on a very interesting conversation on BBC HARDtalk about the use of rape as a weapon of war.  Ever since that day, I have not stopped thinking about it from time to time. It made such a huge impression on me that I watched it again. So,… Continue reading Rape as a weapon of war.

Fear of the unknown

Image Credit: Anita So, I was a bit reluctant to share this because it’s slightly personal but over that last few weeks, God spoke to me about vulnerability and how he has been making himself vulnerable since the beginning in his pursuit to have a relationship with us and draw us closer to him.  This… Continue reading Fear of the unknown

Anita’s Column: Dreadlocks

In one of our youth meetings, we were discussing identity and somehow, we ended up discussing appearance in general and dreadlocks. Since that day, Anabel and I thought it would be something interesting to look in to.  Personally, I don’t see how having dreadlocks can hinder your worship or relationship with God but of course,… Continue reading Anita’s Column: Dreadlocks