Chapter 24.

Okay so in a few days I’ll be turning 24. Yes. Yes 24. I’m so close to 30 I feel like it’s sitting right beside me. Shout out to those who are between the ages of 25-29. Life has not been easy.

I just literally finished praying by asking God to inspire me to write something to glorify him and now I’m writing this.

The thing is I am just short of words because when I think about all that God has done in my life for the past 23 years.. I just never seem to understand why.

God has done so much for me that I know for a fact that He is God.

Above all the uncountable things God has done- there is one thing he did for me that I will NEVER ever forget it for the rest of my life here on earth and in heaven.

What is this thing God did? Answer: God saved my life. He saved my life by allowing me to come to the saving knowledge of his son Jesus Christ. The most incredible part about me being saved is that I will always remember when and why and how.  God is so merciful. If you are a Christian you will understand what I am saying because God’s goodness is out of this world.

Let me let you in on a little secret: the day I got saved.. I was dealing with high levels of insecurity and I was just living in a state of constant confusion. But one thing about me is that I was always able to put on a front and pretend that I am strong and I have it all figured out. Meanwhile I was literally wasting away inside and wishing someone would genuinely ask me what’s wrong and I could pour out everything to them and not feel like the worst sinner in the world.

The day I got saved.. a very good friend of mine invited me to a youth service I very much did not want to attend but she kept asking because God was calling me. During the youth service, The pastor said “if people do not like you because of your red headband why do you care? You are a child of God.” I was shocked because I was the only one wearing a red headband in the whole auditorium (I know this because nobody at my church would put a red bandana on their big Afro looking like a black panther member ready to fight for her human rights).

God spoke to me that day so clearly and He just said to me “come as you are” so when they did the alter call I went and rededicated my life to Christ. I rededicated  my life because I knew of God. I just wasn’t ready to be loved by him.  I didn’t instantly become perfect the day I gave my life to Christ.

Do you know what happened though?

I became a new creation and God started his perfect work in me.

In him I am made whole. In him I am made new. In him I live to listen, trust and obey because there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to listen, trust and obey.


My prayer for chapter 24 of my life:

God thank you for not given up on me. Thank you for choosing me in this generation to live for you. Thank you that I have your spirit living in me and I am no longer a salve to sin and fear.

Thank you God that each and every day new temptations appear but I have overcome because all the victory belongs to you. Thank you for this new age and how you are going to use it to bring glory to your name!

I love you.

Your precious daughter of Zion (DoZ)

Anabel Afia Acheampong.




The fast pace-ness of modern day life…


Ok sometimes I have to literally sit down for a minute and just relax because everything and everyone is so busy and sometimes i don’t even see what for. The way I see it, It’s like we have gotten so consumed in society’s definition of ‘making it’ so much that sometimes I can feel guilty of going to bed at night when I know I have things to do- things like being successful, being helpful to others, taking care of myself and everything else I need to do.

The most exhausting part of it all at times is how it seems like, everybody is becoming successful in their busyness and you think to yourself “woow, I’m here feeling tired after going to sit at the office all day”.


For like the past month or so, I have been praying to God over my life and telling him all the things I want to do and how I don’t want to go at anybody’s pace- not even at my own pace- but HIS. Because the truth is, my own pace is comprised of my parents’ definition of where I should be in life now, the stage people of similar ages to me are, and even worse, people whom I don’t even know but only see on youtube or other social media sites.

All I am trying to say is that- It is a very good idea to take life easy and do what you need to do and not beat yourself up when things do not go your way. one thing God is teaching me is to be soo happy when things do not go my way because, regardless of my own plans, his ‘will’ will be established and he will work all things out for my good.

Like literally, just yesterday, I saw an advertisement on youtube and the man on the ad said: “do you want to spend your whole life working just to pay off student finance debt?!”. Then it just hit me in the face that we all don’t want to be seen as being what society defines as working all our lives just to pay off debt and bills. However, the part ads such as these and society in general don’t seem to want to make us aware of is that; everything takes time to grow. Unless you do some magic or win the lottery or steal money then- we all cannot make it overnight.


Personally, I feel like this idea of making it so quick encourages people to throw away ideas that take time and effort to develop. It makes me so sad when I look at some of the people I know and how they are so busy chasing after money that they do not even have time to sit and nurture their great natural talents and gifts that will make them successful in every way for life.

I aways read about people like Warren Buffet, T.D. Jakes and Oprah, etc… It took these people time and work to develop everything they have now. I know we all want to make it and we need to make it because come on… THE GOD is our God. Nonetheless, let us not forget that there is a big difference between being lazy, wasting time and taking your time to diligently work and build something.

Invest time in developing yourself and do not worry about the crooked fast pace ways society is always suggesting we make it overnight.




God is my strenght
photocredit: google images

I woke up this morning feeling so down and I did not even understand why. Around 5.30 am, I’m lying on my bed and I have no idea why I feel so sad and because of that I do not want to do anything but cry. At 6 am, I get a call from a friend and he asks for us to pray and the answer I wanna give him is “no because I am sad with my life today and I don’t understand why so I don’t want to talk to God. But politely, I tell him that I’m gonna take a shower and call him after.

As I am in the shower scrubbing away the hands of every guy that has ever touched me, I start to tell God that he is my strength and he has done great things and he will keep doing great things. I just kept repeating these words to myself till I stepped out of the shower.

So I go back to my room and I call my friend and I lead us into an opening prayer and then he says to me “I feel like God wants us to pray about our hearts.” He continued by saying “sometimes we feel betrayed in our hearts and that makes us very sad. But imagine how Jesus felt when he chose Judas to be his disciple but still Judas did not allow God to change his heart and he ended up betraying Jesus.”

Sometimes, it is very easy for us to forget that our hearts are very fragile and when we decide to carry our hearts in our fragile hands- it will fall. The great thing though is that when each and every morning we give our hearts over to God regardless of how we are feeling- God takes hold of them and he places them in his secured hands. The word of God says in Psalm 37: 3 that we should “trust in the Lord and do good and dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” The hands of God are safe and that is where our hearts need to dwell.

After I prayed with my friend, I got dressed and as I was leaving the house I said to God: “father, I know I am feeling sad, but I will not let the devil make me forget about your greatness- take my heart now and do what you do best.” I put my earphones in my phone and I started listening to songs of praise.

I am writing this post to God because sometimes I really don’t appreciate his consistency in my life enough. No matter how I am feeling- his holy spirit always sends me a helper and he empowers me. God shout out to you for always keeping me grounded in you. It is a privilege to be able to subject my body to the spirit of God and win in all areas of my life.

Shout out to you friend for allowing God to use you to speak to me at my darkest hour today. Everybody needs friends who are in tune with the spirit of God whom at all times can be vessels for God almighty to speak through to you.

And shout out to you reading this- don’t ever suffer alone. Don’t let the devil make you think that isolation or time alone can help you through your darkest times. You have people around you whom I really hope are ready at any time to hold hands with you or be at the other end of the phone and pray that depressing spirit away. If you do not have friends like that, pray and ask God to send you some. A few years ago, I prayed that prayer and up until today God keeps sending me amazing people who are not scared to tell me to do the right thing.

God be with you as you give your heart to him to carry in his safe and holy hands.



WOMEN of the year 2017.

OK so 2017 is finally over! I’m really happy that it is because I feel like 2017 was just like in a rush to finish. In my personal life, I felt like I had so much to do in the year 2017 that I was always rushing to get something done so that I could start on the next thing. However, I had a really good year overall and I achieved so much and I give thanks to God because He really showed me what I am capable of doing when I lean on him and not depend on my own strength or understanding. God is real ya’ll.

Anyway, lemme move on to what this post is actually about. OK so today I was just thinking back through 2017 and all the people I met and the influence they had in my life. I have an amazing group of friends and during the year 2017 they all really influenced me in positive ways. However, there are some women I know who really made a big impact in my life in the year 2017. The beautiful thing about them is that they all did not even know that their lives were influencing me to be great in every way possible. So the rest of this post will be about my 5 women influencers of the year 2017.

Miss Goldust Afriyie
  1. Number one on the list is Miss Goldust Afriyie. OK this young woman… her name alone should make you aware of her integrity and radiance. She is so caring and selfless. I have never really met anybody as honest as Goldust and that is the truth. I have been friends with her for the past 2-3 years and she is always honest. One thing I admire about her is her transparency. She says it as it is and there is no beating around the bush. Throughout the year 2017, one very important lesson I learnt from her was to give to others whom could not necessarily give back to you. This selfless act of giving is one thing I have learned from my friend and sistter Goldust aka golding gold with a bit of golden dust. OH and she is a model! my friend is a model people.
Miss Angela Akosua Owusu-Sekyere

2. Number 2 is Miss Angela Akosua Owusu-Sekyere! My God this woman is after God’s own heart. No like literally, she is chasing after God’s heart and it is so beautiful to see a young woman of her caliber be so grounded in God. Angela’s relationship with God is one thing you notice when you meet her and it is very cool to see it so vividly. The first time I met her I was so shy of her because even the way she walks, you can see God in there (its that deep OK?) And to raise the bar even higher, she is a pharmacist and a youtuber and she runs a blog called: thebeautifulwomanofworth! Her youtube channel is called “Her Walk TV” where she talks about her walk with Jesus and it is so inspiring. She is a very beautiful young woman with a God ordained mission to share the good news! check out her youtube channel and blog and be inspired.

Miss Akosua Afrakoma Peprah

3. Number 3 of my top 5 women influencers of 2017 is Miss Akosua Peprah. Miss Akosua is an eloquent feminist! I feel like I could just end it there because well, being an eloquent feminist is a very big deal. However, Miss Akosua is also a really good writer with so much passion for the work that she does and it is clearly evident in everything she produces. Miss Peprah is a big advocate for the education of African girls and women because she believes that education in all aspects of life will help women achieve anything they want. Oh and I forgot to mention that she is such a bad ass at what she does that she is the founder and president of Mmaakunim Foundation which is an organisation with the vision of educating, creating avenues and making resources available to marginalized women in Ghana. The first time I came across her on Instagram, I became so mesmerized that I followed her on all social media platforms and I told a friend of mine that “I just found this lady on Instagram who is a Ghanaian and a feminist and eloquent!” For a while now, I’ve had the privilege to be part of the great vision of Mmaakunim foundation. So yes. I am working with Miss Akosua Peprah and I am going to be spending time with her, doing feminist stuff and being great and learning a lot from her. One thing she said in 2017 that made me aware that she is a woman of influence is that: “I am going to name my daughter Akosua Peprah jnr…” Miss Akosua is here on this earth to impact generations and we all need to just get ready for it.

Aunty Sarah
Mrs Sarah Senyah

4. Number 4 on my list of women influencers of the year 2017 is Mrs Sarah Senya. Now this woman throughout the year I have been studying her a lot and I have learnt so much from her that I am going to do an entire feature on her. She is a mother, a wife and a very busy financier at a top bank in the UK. Oh and did I mention she is the music leader at my local church? Yes, she leads the choir at my church every Sunday and she is a deaconess as well. When I’m with her, we often talk about marriage and the importance of finding a man who knows and love God as a suitable life partner. She has a super crazy faith in God and her commitment to the work of God in the church and serving others is really influential. She is very elegant in the way she carries herself (you should see her walk whilst carrying her child). One thing she said in 2017 that influenced me was that “Marry a man who can pray when you don’t have any strength to or even when you don’t feel like it”. Oh and her husband is very handsome so she’s basically got it all.

Priscilla Ayim
Mrs Priscilla Ayim

5. Finally, number 5 on the list of women influencers of the year 2017 is Mrs Priscilla Ayim. Before I start writing how great of a woman she is, I really feel like we should all stand up and give her a standing ovation.. Ok, so Mrs Ayim is just the real MVP. She is a great young woman of God and she is a new mummy with the most beautiful baby girl. Mrs Ayim is married and she is a graduate of Sociology and Psychology; with a Master’s degree in Social work. Okay, so Mrs Ayim used to help me when I was at university and I remember she would proof read my work and point out even the tiniest mistakes because she was not ready for me to produce my essays anyhow. She has a really accommodating character and you just naturally feel welcome around her. One thing I have noticed about her as well is her calm nature. She is very calm and collected. I look up to her a lot because God is at the foundation of everything she does and due to that she is winning in all aspects of life. Oh, one more thing… She is just beautiful and she loves God… Have I already mentioned that? Well She loves God. She is a woman of influence because she is living for God and she is not afraid to show it!

I learnt so much from so many women during the year 2017 and I am so proud to be a woman and to be surrounded by amazing women who are making impact in people’s lives. Whoever you are, I hope that you make an impact in people’s lives so that one day someone will say that you made a mark on this earth by influencing them.


Globalization don’t want my family to be…

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Globalization is the cause of the breakdown of the extended family.

OK, so I grew up in a 2 bedroom house with my mum, grandmother, 2 aunties, 4 uncles, grandfather, 2 cousins and a pet cat I had a love-hate relationship with. My great grandmother lived about 30 minute walk away from my house and all my cousins and other family members were only a 30- 40 minutes car journey away. I felt very close to all my family growing up because I saw almost all my cousins during family occasions such as weddings and funerals or they would just come round anytime they wanted because well… my grandmother cooked too often.

As well, I knew and understood the essence of family ties and looking out for my cousins even though I was the youngest out of all of them. I guess geography made it much easier to develop healthy relationships with extended family members. For example: I couldn’t wait for school to close for vacation during August because I knew I would get to spend over 3 weeks with my father’s side of the family and I would see all my other cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents from that side of the family.

The funny thing is, I never missed anyone because I could see most of my family members all the time. My primary school was 15 minutes away from my uncle’s shop and it was also a walking distance to where my grandmother sold food on the roadside. Additionally, I always used to run into my aunties during break and lunch times and I would force them to buy me sweets or ice creams.


So much has changed! I mean obviously because we have all grown up and moved houses and even migrated to different countries. Right now, one of my aunties’ lives in Ukraine, I have an Uncle in Argentina and the rest of my family are in Ghana. The sad thing about it all is that we are disintegrated physically and it is having an indirect mental effect on all of us.

Globalization has changed the concept of extended family a lot. I mean growing up it sounded so great to tell someone that you had family members living abroad or even in Accra because when I was young I thought Accra was very close to London (only because it has a big airport). I remember I would do something bad at home and my mother would threaten me with telling my uncle who would easily walk like 20 minutes to our house and tell me to behave or he would not take me to Sunday school. Now it is very different, I am only close to my uncles when I call them or they call me because we are all so busy trying to make it that nobody has much time to invest in family ties anymore.

Globalization is probably to blame for this because if I was still in Ghana and living in the same town as I did growing up…then maybe I would still be close to all my family members. Well, I am not so sure of this either because even when I do go back to Ghana, it is difficult to see all my family members purely because it is not that easy to move from one city to the other to visit people. Moreover, people’s lives have changed massively due to employment, education, marriage and creating their own identities in various spaces and places.

globqlisation x
credit: google images.

My only complaint is that globalization is slowly diminishing the role of the family in breeding individualism.  The idea of collective identity plays a major role in people finding their individual selves. For instance; the person that I am today is credited mostly to my mum and grandmother because of how they raised me up. At the same time, I know my geographical surroundings have played a significant part in my life experiences as well. Nonetheless, I know that the foundation of my individuality is grounded in where I come from- that is my family and also where I was born.

On the other hand, in contemporary society, the idea of the family is not as strong as it used to be due to factors like employment which has physically dispersed all of us over the face of the earth. At the same time, I know that geographical locations should not hinder us from committing to and investing in familial relationships; but it does and it is quite sad.

When I realized all this, I wanted to personally do something about my relationship with other family members. Of course, I acknowledge how much people have changed and grown into their individual  beings and how that will impact on the way I relate to them now. Regardless of all this, I think it is so important to invest in relationships with family members because people go through so much and the closest people to them are often the ones who knew nothing about them.

I know there will always be those few family members who are still holding grudges because of something your mother did to them even before you were born… that does not concern you my brother and sister. Just focus on trying to build good healthy relationships with the people around you. But if you get aunties, uncles or cousins saying they want nothing to do with you because your mother stole her boyfriend or her top when they were young (my mum and my aunties have petty fights over things like this lool) just forget it and pray for their soul.

The aim should be to make time for people now and not be there wishing we had when they are dead.


The year is almost over…


So 2017 is about to end… Time has gone by so fast during this year and I’m sitting at my desk at work right now wondering if I have been able to do everything I said I wanted to do at the beginning of this year. It’s funny because I am not even sure if I remember everything that I said I wanted to accomplish by the end of this year.

Well I remember going to church on 31/12/16 and I recall praying so much and telling God that I wanted to be able to serve him well in 2017. I said a lot of things to God on that day thinking that I was just going to sail through 2017 with no problems.

Well, I haven’t really encountered any serious problems when I think about it because I don’t really count certain circumstances as problems.

However, i know that I’ve had a really really good year. This year 2017 has given me so much time to do a lot. I had the time to self-develop mentally which has benefited me so much.


Throughout this year, God has taught me how to be faithful to myself regardless of the situation I find myself in. I mean I have locked myself in my mind where I’ve been so busy trying to figure everything out on my own and trying to come up with my own plan to my success story (you know because I wanna be great so bad lool).

On the other hand, as the year has progressed, God has helped me to understand the difference between being hardworking and trying to plan and execute my destiny. It’s like at some point during this year, I forgot that God has a predestined life for me and no matter what I do, God’s plan is going to prevail.

I mean having a predestined life does not mean I do not have to do anything. But, throughout the year, I’ve been able to rest- like my mind has had rest knowing that soon and very soon, I will become a professor of African studies, A UN secretary General a wife and a mum. Oh and I will also go on holiday to Cuba and Seychelles. There are probably more things I want to do but I can’t really think of all of them now.


But the whole point here is, I am not worrying about whether something will happen or it will not happen. All I know is that, I have faith in God and I am not going to fail in life. I am going to accomplish everything God has purposed for my life.

If there are things that you wanted to do this year that you have not been able to do – I personally suggest that you write those things down and give yourself sometime to consider the reasons why you were unable to not do these things. After that, please be honest with yourself and see if you can still do anything on the list before the year ends. It does not matter if it’s something little like walking more or something huge like getting a new job.

There are 11 days left in this year so you can definitely walk more and work on your CV ready to apply for jobs in the new year. Just don’t be like “oh the year is over so I’ll just forget about it”. If you do that, time will also forget about you- like how Sheldon forgets that other people have feelings (If you are a big bang fan, you know).

OK I’m gonna go back to working towards becoming great in every area of my life whilst enjoying every single bit of it. Please go and do the same… Unless you are Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.


My favorite place…

A quick disclaimer: I love talking. Specifically, I love talking about things I know a lot about. As well, I love telling people about myself- like a lot. When I was young, I used to love writing about myself- which is something a lot of people who went to primary school in Ghana had to do. So in this post, I am going to gladly tell you about my favourite place in the entire world.

Well, I have two favorite places to be in the whole world. However, my favourite place to be the most is at an airport. I love going to airports, The first time I went to an airport was when I was moving to England from Ghana.

The main airport in Ghana is KIA (Kotoka International Airport). I remember feeling so overwhelmed and very sad because within the next 6 hours (the time it takes form Accra to Heathrow airport), my life was going to change so much. I’m sure I will write about that experience another time.

Nonetheless, The second time I went to an airport was 3 years later and I went to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Schiphol airport is my favorite place in the entire world (aside from Ghana, which is home so it doesn’t really count). I get so excited when the KLM flight lands there and the Dutch air stewards start to talk in English with their beautiful accents. I literally feel like I am home there (like lliterally).

So here are 3 things that make Schiphol airport my favorite place.

The places within the spaces

Schiphol airport is SOO big! And it is so funny because almost everytime I have been there to catch a connecting flight, there is some sort of engineering and expansion works taking place. The entire airport is like a little village. Without even considering the runaways for the airplanes to land, the inside of the airport is massive. The first time I flew there I was 16 and travelling alone so I was accompanied by a guide the whole time (something my dad paid for in order to secure my safety).

However, on my seocnd visit, I went crazy… I had like 3 hours before my next flight and I walked around the airport with the biggest smile on my face. I remember clearly that I visited a lot of their duty free shops (and they have a lot) with so much excitement even though I only bought like one chocolate bar for around 5 euros. Still, I was just amazed at the various places within the spaces of the airport.

One people, different colours

Another factor that makes Schiphol airport my favorite place in the world is the people that use the airport. Every single time I go there, I see so many different people. I remmeber the first time I was at Schiphol airport, I saw two children in the unaccompanied minor lounge from Namibia. They were dressed in bright coloured clothes and looked so curious and amazed just like I was. I recall being so happy seeing the children and the various other people from all over the world that it felt like I was at a world summit meeting.

As well, travellers and the satff at Schiphol airport always look so relaxed and I believe it is mainly because of the relaxed airport vibe Schiphol has got going on.

Final destination

My 3rd favorite thing about Schiphol airport is the fact that it is the airport in the middle. Schiphol airport is the middle man of flying because most of their flights are connecting flights. A lot of travellers go to Schiphol to change for another flight to their final destination.

From my personal experience, Schiphol is the best airport to catch a connecting flight because it feels like I am just getting off the plane to rest and have lunch or dinner there. Additionally, security is so tight at Schiphol that I feel really safe walking around relaxing whilst waiting for my connecting flight to my final destination.

I am yet to find another airport as fancy, relaxing and welcoming as Schiphol airport. Come to think of it… Birmingham airport is quite cool but… but I’ll save that one for later.

So in it all, my favorite place is Schiphol airport. Schiphol wins, I win. Now let us all go back to living our fulfilling lifestyles.