The year is almost over…


So 2017 is about to end… Time has gone by so fast during this year and I’m sitting at my desk at work right now wondering if I have been able to do everything I said I wanted to do at the beginning of this year. It’s funny because I am not even sure if I remember everything that I said I wanted to accomplish by the end of this year.

Well I remember going to church on 31/12/16 and I recall praying so much and telling God that I wanted to be able to serve him well in 2017. I said a lot of things to God on that day thinking that I was just going to sail through 2017 with no problems.

Well, I haven’t really encountered any serious problems when I think about it because I don’t really count certain circumstances as problems.

However, i know that I’ve had a really really good year. This year 2017 has given me so much time to do a lot. I had the time to self-develop mentally which has benefited me so much.


Throughout this year, God has taught me how to be faithful to myself regardless of the situation I find myself in. I mean I have locked myself in my mind where I’ve been so busy trying to figure everything out on my own and trying to come up with my own plan to my success story (you know because I wanna be great so bad lool).

On the other hand, as the year has progressed, God has helped me to understand the difference between being hardworking and trying to plan and execute my destiny. It’s like at some point during this year, I forgot that God has a predestined life for me and no matter what I do, God’s plan is going to prevail.

I mean having a predestined life does not mean I do not have to do anything. But, throughout the year, I’ve been able to rest- like my mind has had rest knowing that soon and very soon, I will become a professor of African studies, A UN secretary General a wife and a mum. Oh and I will also go on holiday to Cuba and Seychelles. There are probably more things I want to do but I can’t really think of all of them now.


But the whole point here is, I am not worrying about whether something will happen or it will not happen. All I know is that, I have faith in God and I am not going to fail in life. I am going to accomplish everything God has purposed for my life.

If there are things that you wanted to do this year that you have not been able to do – I personally suggest that you write those things down and give yourself sometime to consider the reasons why you were unable to not do these things. After that, please be honest with yourself and see if you can still do anything on the list before the year ends. It does not matter if it’s something little like walking more or something huge like getting a new job.

There are 11 days left in this year so you can definitely walk more and work on your CV ready to apply for jobs in the new year. Just don’t be like “oh the year is over so I’ll just forget about it”. If you do that, time will also forget about you- like how Sheldon forgets that other people have feelings (If you are a big bang fan, you know).

OK I’m gonna go back to working towards becoming great in every area of my life whilst enjoying every single bit of it. Please go and do the same… Unless you are Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.



The Anatomy of My Big Tall BLACK Body


I love my body- take it how you want to take it but I do not have any problem with my body. I say this with much confidence because I believe it has taken me about 5 years to come to the realization that I was born this way (Lady Gaga would be very happy to read this right now).

Let me explain-When I was 13 years old, I attended a high school where being a TALL, BIG, BLACK, FEMALE was a very big problem for all the average height, thin, blonde/brunette hair white females and males.

From that point, I started to question everything about the way I look- the colour and texture of my hair, the shape of my body, the sound of my voice (I have a very deep voice for a girl), my height, the colour of my skin… the list goes on and on.

At one point, I remember I lost so much weight due to wanting to be skinny like every girl in my year 10 class that my mum took me to the hospital out of fear of being anorexic.

This was me in January 2011. I was a size 6-8

This craziness of wanting to look like everyone else continued until I went back to Ghana for Christmas in 2010. I remember all my aunties and cousins were just disgusted with how skinny I had gotten (by the way in Ghana, my family and probably a lot Ashanti people associate being big with living a good life).

I remember one evening, my mum and my grandma sat me down and they told me that I am so beautiful and unique because I am tall and I have smooth black skin and I have a big bum and most importantly, I have an amazing voice because it is bold and clear (I think I need to be a radio presenter because of my voice).

I think since that day, I slowly began taking care of my body instead of hating it. So I say I love my body because I have the privilege of taking care of it. The thing is I don’t even remember the last time I said “I hate my body”, because the way I see it; If I do not like something about my body.. I am in a position where I can do something about it. For example; If i think  I’m putting on a bit of weight, I assess what it is making me put on weight then I take action by doing something about it.

Personally, I thank God for the mind that he has given me because I know that having a positive mind takes you a long way. Also, self love is KEY! Love yourself. I mean do not be ignorant about it but love yourself and learn how to appreciate the beauty in yourself and everybody. The thing about loving my body is when someone close to me is not feeling so confident about their body, I try my best to help by encouraging them to take control of their body and take action!

So yeah. love your body, love yourself and take action!.


I am

It is true what the bible say about YOU being the I AM because God you have done things that is humanly impossible- you have loved me endlessly, you have forgiven me my sins, you have blessed me with the privilege to be yours. You are the I AM because you were the only one there when no other person could make the time to listen to why I didn’t like the colour of my skin.

You listened and you revealed to me that the I AM has made me in his image and that makes me perfect in every way. God.. you are the I AM because without you I AM not. You are the I AM God because unlike the other men, you are not after my flesh.. you are after my heart because we all know that the flesh is just the cover.

Daddy dearest, you are the I AM because you knew my destiny even before my mum realised that this child was not planned. You are the I AM my father because I have been in your plans since you created time. GOD YOU are the I AM because when you created man.. you made it a necessity to create me as a woman. You knew me from the beginning. You had it all planned out from the day my mum had her first morning sickness.

You are the I AM and therefore I am.