Time at uni.

Going to university will always be one of the best decisions I ever made! Spending 3 whole years learning about a course I loved so much and having the opportunity to gain more knowledge on it was definitely a win for me. But… I know I could have used my time at university wisely. I… Continue reading Time at uni.


A group of youth had just closed from a half-night meeting at church and had to wait for daybreak in order to catch a bus home. This was because the way was very dark and there had been rumours of a large cat (tiger or lion not sure) killing some of the villagers at night.… Continue reading HOW TEMPTATION WORKS?

The year is almost over…

So 2017 is about to end… Time has gone by so fast during this year and I’m sitting at my desk at work right now wondering if I have been able to do everything I said I wanted to do at the beginning of this year. It’s funny because I am not even sure if… Continue reading The year is almost over…

The Anatomy of My Big Tall BLACK Body

I love my body- take it how you want to take it but I do not have any problem with my body. I say this with much confidence because I believe it has taken me about 5 years to come to the realization that I was born this way (Lady Gaga would be very happy… Continue reading The Anatomy of My Big Tall BLACK Body


When she wakes up, I wonder what is on her mind.I see her caring, I see her loving, I see her protecting, but.. I hear her worry, she hears her worries so loud that she gives thanks to her maker. She begins her day. She guards her territory because she knows the enemy is around.… Continue reading Mother.