School… school is a place. Actually school is a building. School is not synonymous to education. School is not equal to a good life (coming from someone who has spent the last 17 years in that building). School is just a building. In fact… school is just a place where people go to…like the market.… Continue reading School

We are not mountains we have to move.

Immigrants are not mountains. The movement of people from one territory to the other is not a crime. The migration of third world peoples (kings and queens) to other parts of the world for economic betterment is not a crime. Immigrants are not mountains. We have to move. We have to move to search for… Continue reading We are not mountains we have to move.


When she wakes up, I wonder what is on her mind.I see her caring, I see her loving, I see her protecting, but.. I hear her worry, she hears her worries so loud that she gives thanks to her maker. She begins her day. She guards her territory because she knows the enemy is around.… Continue reading Mother.